Raphael Anker, trumpet player from Geneva, one day decides to gather musicians for a live performance revisiting the golden age of Ethiopian music, the sound of Tlaloun Gessesse, Getatchew Mekurya, Mulatu Astatke, Mahmoud Ahmed and other legends. It's 2007, and the experience is so memorable that the one shot happening becomes a band: Imperial Tiger Orchestra, a nod to the Imperial Bodyguard Band from Addis-Abeba and to a classic line from Monthy Python's The Meaning of Life. A tiger - in Africa? ...Well it doesn't sound very likely...

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Luc Détraz  -  Raphaël Anker - Cyril Moulas - Julien Israelian - Alex Rodrigues
Percussions - Trumpet/EVI - Bass/Guitar - Drums - Keyboards